La Collerette


A gift in style!

With a collar of La Collerette you give the perfect gift. A Collerette is a 'bon ton' must have with which someone can easily and quickly upgrade her wardrobe. A La Collerette mock shirt adds something to any look, whether it is festive, business, outgoing or understated classy. In our wide collection you will always find a Collerette that matches her look.

Or would like to let the receiver decide? Choose the Collerette gift-card, available with a value of € 10,- € 25,- and € 50,- .

You can order the gift-card from the comfort of your own home, and receive it in your mail within moments.

€ 25,-

La Collerette

The six biggest benefits of a Collerette

Benefit 1.
100% comfort. Say goodbye to stuffed blouses under your clothes. No more strange that ruin your outfit.

Benefit 2.
Convenient adjustment straps. The adjustable straps at well-chosen spots on the side of your Collerette makes it perfectly adjustable.

Benefit 3.
Available in four board sizes. We do not believe in a limited size range, because one size fits no one! The right size makes for the perfect finishing touch of your look. La Collerette is available in four adult board sizes and three children sizes.

Benefit 4.
Very co-friendly! Due to its small size. Almost no laundry and ironing.

Benefit 5.
Good for budget shoppers. Making a Collerette consumes very few fabric, that’s how we can use the finest materials at low cost.

Benefit 6.
A Collerette fits through your letterbox. You do not have to stay at home for the delivery of your collar(s)!

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La Collerette ships worldwide.
The Netherlands:

  • Your order is shipped as letterbox sized packages
  • PostNL delivers your order
  • You can track the package yourself


  • Your order is shipped using well-established parcel services

Orders are shipped 2 to 3 workdays after receipt of payment. Please keep in mind that delays in the delivery process may occur.

Washing & Care

Have a look at our tips to keep your Collerette in perfect condition:

Tip 1.
Wash your Collerette with similar colors and materials. Wash your La Collerette white collar at 30 ° C with low speed.

Tip 2.
Please respect the environment and wash at 30 °C. By washing at a lower temperature you’ll save energy.

Tip 3.
Use the right detergent. White detergent contains oxygen bleach and is therefore not suitable for example for our denim collars. Always use the detergent which is suitable for the color and material of your Collerette.

For all our special and masterpiece collars we recommend dry clean only and ironing inside out. Still want to use your machine? Choose a hand wash program at a cold temperature (15 ° C or 20 ° C) and wash your Collerette in a special washing net.

Low maintenance & easy ironing
A collar of La Collerette is easy to maintain. Due to its small size the handy Collerette takes hardly any space in the laundry. The smoothing is done in no time. In short, almost no laundry and ironing, easy going and eco-friendly!

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