About La Collerette

Roughly translated Collerette means collar and comes from the French Renaissance. A Collerette balances between clothing and jewelery: it is a bon-ton' musthave to easily and quickly decorate your clothes. La Collerette adds something to every look - whether it’s outgoing, business, edgy, sophisticated or understated classy.

Luxury basic collars and collars with a statement

The vision behind La Collerette is clear from the beginning. The focus is on luxury base collars and collars with a clear statement which are the masterpieces of the collection. La Collerette starts with a strong collection and is supplemented throughout the year with new designs. In order to become the ultimate collars alphabet.

Exclusively available online

The collars are produced in Europe and the specials are partly manufactured by hand. La Collerette is a premium label which is only available online. Our aim? Let you find the perfect collar!

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